07 November 2008


So, any idea what happens when a basically clumsy person on the stairs tries to hang up the dog leash, read the mail, and talk to a four-year-old at the same time? I know now. It involves a trip to urgent care, x-rays, crutches, and a couple of days with an elevated foot. Fortunately, nothing was broken or displaced, just beat up all to heck. I also have what feels like some pretty spectacular bruises on my hip (only lower and in back, but "hip" sounds so much more elegant), my elbow and my ear. I also seem to have given my hip/lower back a pretty good wrench on the way down, so thing will be a bit ouchie for a couple of days, but I'm going to live! It's already feeling much better than it did last night and my goal for the day is to be very nice to my bruises so they will be willing to accompany me to knit night tonight.

On the bright side, I have my own personal musician to keep me entertained!


Elizabeth said...

Oh dear. I don't think you and Molly Bee should sit near each other for a few months. The way you both are headed, it might cause a disaster of epic proportions!

Hang in there and get better soon. Your little musician shows great promise!

Stephany said...


I am sorry about your accident. That reminds me of something I might do.

I hope you heal soon!

Namma said...

So, so sorry to hear about your accident...just glad to hear that nothing was broken. It can still be very painful nevertheless. Take it as easy as you can...and enjoy the live-in entertainment. (Beeb sounds like he might be singing to his own accompaniment...cute!)

Cindy G said...

Oh Noooooo. Hope you heal up quick, and yeah, watch out for Molly Bee - first order clash of the force fields (note to self: check to see if the Sow's Ear is still standing on Saturday morning.)

Is that a cute video or what?

Marianne said...

Oh Yowie!! So sorry, I know we all talk about getting a few days' rest but sheesh... feel better soon.

I believe there's great potential in Beeb's playing piano (or any other musical instrument) he has a really nice touch :^)