31 October 2008

Halloweenie FOs

Some spooky FOs...

First up, my "sketelon" dishcloth. This was the October entry in the Dish-Cloth-Along. Very cute and very seasonal!


Since most of my knitting peeps are in Ravelry, I'll refer you guys to Ravelry if you want the details and not bother with the links and lists. If you really want to know needle sizes and yarn specs and pattern details and aren't in Ravelry, let me know...

I also finished off Bug and Bean's costumes by finishing a couple of hats:


The poor felted princess hat has been languishing since January after over-felting the first try. I think the princess thinks it was worth the wait:


I also knit a second version of the pumpkin hat. The first one was too big around and not nearly long enough.


I'm much happier with this one and it is easier to navigate than the stem mask that belongs with the pumpkin costume. Plus, they can wear it all winter, too!

And some non-fiber works of art:

First up, the artistes with their complete oeuvre...

Yeah, it's pretty sunny out, the artistes are not at their most photogenic ;o)

Next, Bean's works

Bean provided artistic direction, while our friend K wielded the knife, though on the lower one Bean discovered that she could "drill" out eyes and nose by twisting the knife, so she helped.

Bug's works

He carved them himself, though I did some clean up to connect cuts and get the holes the whole way through.

And finally, a collaboration:

Beeb had this pumpkin to play with while we were working and started some preliminary carving with his teeth. From there, Bean took inspiration and made a full face with her knife. Beeb also took to the job of scooping pumpkin guts back into the jack-o-lanterns after they were carved. Mmmmmm, what texture! And almost as tasty as sand!


Namma said...

The Halloween costume hats are great. I'm sure Bug likes his pumpkin "topper," and Bean is more than happy with her princess hat (especially with a "pure gold" scarf attached). And you're right, they also have nice, warm hats to wear all winter long (it's probably verboten to add ear flaps to a princess hat?).

Tell Bug and Bean that their carved jack-o-lanterns are, indeed, works of art...even Beeb's toothsome endeavor looks good. His chewing on his pumpkin reminded me of the year that slugs chewed on my porch pumpkins. Beeb's pumpkin chewing is cute; the slugs, not so much...

Happy Halloween to all of you!

Marianne said...

And a Grand time was had by all!
Love the hats, costumes and carved pumpkins (I'm giggling just a bit 'nearly as tasty as sand' and remembering All The Sand EVERYWHERE)(how much pumpkin will you 'find'?)
I'm also groovin' on how Bug's hair is growing out, all spikey!

Elizabeth said...

"Alas, poor Yorick..." or something. :)

Cute little pumpkins you got there: both orange and human varieties.