15 May 2008


Today marked the third week of our local farmers' market, but the first time we have made it this season. Tonight we had our favorite squeaky cheese from Farmer John and some chocolate milk from Farmer Nick. Dude, that milk was still in the cows and the cheese curd was still milk this morning. We also got our healthy living rebate from our insurance company for joining a CSA today! We start getting CSA boxes in June. We only did a half share since this is our first year, after deciding that it would be better to supplement with Farmers' Market veggies as necessary rather than drowning in vegetable and end up wasting some. I don't think a full share would technically be more vegetables than we can eat, but we'll probably be preparing veggies that we haven't tried before and looking for new ways of preparing other veggies and it may just get overwhelming to face that every week...every other week feels more manageable. Then next year, armed with new veggie prowess, we'll be able to say, "Bring it on, bay-bee!"

Before going to Farmers' Market, we spent an hour or so at a park that we hadn't really spent any time at before. It was in amongst the trees and we were almost the only ones there (we were the only ones at the playground). Bug and Bean ran around and played and picked dandelion bouquets, while I entertained Beeb on a quilt under a tree or spun when Beeb was happy to entertain himself looking around. He's still new to the grass concept. It was cute...he freaked out a little every time he managed to crawl off the quilt. At the park, I also discovered that he sprouted tooth number five (top right), recently.


Namma said...

Eek...what is that green stuff anyway? Remember Dagwood, the cat? Being an indoor cat, he felt that way about grass all his life. Beeb, on the other hand, will be begging, before you know it, to run barefoot in the grass...feels so darn good, especially in the spring after being confined to shoes all winter. And tooth #5...they're coming in fast and furious now.

Ah, fresh local produce...can't wait to get to our farmers' market this weekend. We missed the opening of our FM last weekend because we were still on the road.

I have to ask: Does chocolate milk come from brown cows? See if Bug has an answer for me.

YarnThrower said...

A couple of years ago, we did the same thing with the CSA that you're doing this year -- a half share -- and it worked out great, though you're right -- Really took some planning on my part to use the stuff. I think the only thing we ended up throwing away was the fennel bulb...though dh decidedly does not like Swiss Chard, so we don't do the box any more -- just the Farmers' Market, and just the things we like. Have fun with it! I thought it was a great way to try new veggies and learn new ways to prepare things!

Marianne said...

Heh, namma is so funny. :^)

mmmm, will be hitting our FM tomorrow morning and I'm hoping the llama lady will be there to make it even more special.

Cindy G said...

That's so cute about Beeb and the grass. Babies sure can remind us how amazing life really is.