27 May 2008

You gotta read this book!

I found this book at the library last week, and, while I usually reserve our reading adventures for the other blog, I HAD to share this one with my fibery friends! The book is The Surprise by Sylvia Van Ommen. It is beautifully illustrated and has sheep, fleece, spinning, knitting, and other good stuff! It doesn't have any actual text, so Bean (who has been a little jealous of Bug's fledgling reading skills) has been "reading" (describing the pictures of) this one to me every night.

In my last post, I completely forgot our other big Memorial Day event! On Friday night, we made our second annual trip to the World's Largest Brat Fest. We did our part in helping to set a new record of 191,712 brats consumed. Okay, technically brats, hot dogs, and Boca brats (you veggie-sauruses can breathe easy. It wasn't all animal parts). Bug and Kitty Daddy also took a ride on the huge ferris wheel. Dismally overpriced, but Bug thought it was like flying and thought it was very cool to be able to see practically the whole state of Wisconsin (well, technically just a chunk of the Madison area, but do you want to be the one to burst his bubble?).

Oh, and my grand trauma from the holiday weekend. I was on my way to a hang-out-in-the-backyard-with-[ADULT!!!!]-friends-and-cook-out and noticed that there weren't any cars parked in the lot by our neighborhood Caribou Coffee. While most businesses are closed for Memorial Day, it seemed a bit odd that a coffee shop or restaurant would be closed. So I swung through the parking lot out of curiosity and there was a sign proclaiming that it was "Permanently Closed." My 'Bou! Gone forever! I was just there knitting and sipping coffee a week ago on Mother's Day. Very sad day!


Namma said...

Ooooh, nooo, the "Bou is closed??!! Obviously, they didn't post a warning since you were there just a week ago. Every time we visited it, it seemed to be a thriving little business. Do you suppose it closed because we missed going there for coffee during our last trip to Wisconsin? [:o(

What a brave guy Bug was to go up in a huge ferris wheel. I can still remember my first ferris wheel ride (with my dad) and how scared and delighted I felt, both at the same time. There's just something about that swinging seat so far off the ground...especially when you get "stuck" at the top during loading or unloading.

MollyBeees said...

I missed BratFest this year. Too far to trudge in my concrete boot. No, I'm pretty sure Bug is right. I've been on that ferris wheel and you CAN see all of Wisconsin from up there.