23 May 2008

Loving Spring

We have been having marvelous spring weather this week. Sunny and pleasant (but not hot!), blue skies, trees flowering, eyes watering, sneezing, and lots of outdoor time!

Fortunately, our springtime realm is being well protected by the bravest of knights. He has been battling bad knights, fiery dragons, and any other threats atop his bold steed Tinso.

Most of our adventures have been in the backyard this week as I have been feeling particularly productive. We have a bench with storage under the seat that was retrieved from Kitty Daddy's mom's basement. The wood had broken where the seat hinge attaches to the bench. So far I have cut a new piece of wood to size, cut out the existing wood so the new piece fits, and gotten it fastened in. Now I need to find some wood putty to fill in a few gaps, and then it will be ready to be repainted.

I also primed and painted an unfinished secretary/desk. The kids would have preferred the zoo, but I didn't want to drag the whole painting mess out over and over, so I kept painting.

We spent yesterday afternoon with "Library Karen" at her house. We had a good romp at the park across the street, then hung out in her back yard playing and Bug and Bean helped her plant three tomato plants. Beeb and I blissed out smelling the lilacs (at least until a neighbor started baking something Extremely Chocolate, then I mostly resisted going into hunter/gatherer mode) and sniffing herb leaves. Love the green!

I have also managed to sneak in some knitting and spinning. Laminaria (take 2) continues. I have finished the star chart repeats and am working on the transition chart heading toward the blossoms. I am still loving my Corriedale spinning and I am still avoiding the viscose.

Anyhoo, it's Friday and the library beckons...


MollyBeees said...

Great photo. I've been just sick this week, what with having to sit at my desk and look like I'm busy with all that glorious weather going on. I've been deck sitting each evening trying to store up the fresh mown grass/lilac/crabapple goodness. I'm taking full advantage of the weather this long weekend. Mabel will be coming outside with me!

Marianne said...

Holy moly, he's growing up so fast!b

Namma said...

Enjoy the lovely spring weather whilst it lasts. Now if your brave knight (he looks very intent on battling the baddies) and his mighty steed Tinso could just slay the various spring allergens floating around...

Sounds like you have been very productive with your repair and painting projects.