18 May 2008

FO: Savannah Stole

Although this stole has been finished since March, I am finally getting around to blogging it! We can pretend that I was waiting until it reached it's new home, but the truth is that I am just hopelessly behind on FO posts. This was the Secret of the Stole II knitalong. Not only was the knitalong great fun, but the finished object is gorgeous. I really like DK's lace designs and wish I had known about the first SOTS early enough to participate in the first one!

Yarn: KnitPicks Bare Laceweight
Needles: KnitPicks Nickel-plated circulars, size 3
Pattern: Savannah (Secret of the Stole II)
Mods: I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but I knit it exactly as written.
Verdict: Love, love, love!!! A fun knit and a beautiful end product! Doing it as part of a group knit-along? Even more fun!

When my parents were here visiting, the stole went home with them as a gift for my grandma. At 93, she is known to get chilly even in warm weather, so I'm glad that it can keep her cozy. Plus, this is a lady that knows how to wrap others with the love of handmade. Each of her five grandchildren, six (plus one on the way) great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild have a crocheted ripple baby afghan. Plus plenty of other afghans for her boys, adult grandkids, and various and assorted spouses. My ripple afghan was my "lovey" for many years and the afghan I got for my high school graduation is still one of my most precious possessions. I'll have to take some pics and blog the story of that afghan some day...


Namma said...

I always thought it was neat that your baby afghan "grew" right along with you, as it stretched out from years of use and launderings. Actually, you are probably the only grandchild who received a second (replacement) baby afghan, since your original one pretty much wore out.

I read the story that accompanied the Savannah stole when we presented it to GW. It was an interesting commentary on how the design of the stole related to the city of Savannah, GA. GW was thrilled with it and felt it was too pretty to use, but I think we convinced her that leaving it in a drawer would simply not do! It's such a nice size to fit over her 93-year-old shoulders that are always chilled.

Nautical Knitter said...

The Savannah Stole turned out so beautifully! I am so touched that you made it and gave it to her, knowing that my design and your knitting will be keeping her warm. What a wonderful gift.

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous stole and I love the photo of it on her!

Marianne said...

Your Savannah Stole came out beautifully, and it looks so perfect on her, what an elegant lady! I'm sure she feels all the love there.

knottykitty said...

Your stole turned out gorgeous and I still love it in the undyed yarn--I'm glad you didn't dye it!

Cute grandma, too! That stole looks like a perfect match! I just gave my Nana a lace scarf for her 89th, and also had to tell her not to keep it "nice" in a drawer! :)

YarnThrower said...

Your grandma is such a cutie, and looks so nice in the stole!