19 May 2008

FO: Little Ducky


Yarn: Odds and Ends from box of yarn received from one of Kitty Daddy's coworkers
Needles: KnitPicks Nickel-plated circulars, size 3
Pattern: Easter Peeps
Mods: I played a little fast and loose on the face, but otherwise none
Verdict: A fun, cute, quick knit.

We had a fun weekend. On Saturday, we went to Fitchburg Days and spent some time looking in the Irish cultural tent and Kitty Daddy had the folks at the genealogy look up info of some of his mom's Irish relatives. We also spent some time in the Kid's tent, where Bug and Bean made rocket ships out of drinking straws, colored a few pictures, and played a few games. We ended at the playground with a bag of kettle corn and a bag of cheese curd (not as good as Farmers' Market curd!).

On Sunday, we drove down to Stoughton for the Syttende Mai celebration. We were a bit late and most of the activities were winding down as we got there. We walked through the arts and crafts stalls, saw a little bit of the parade and had yummy fried cheese curd and cream puffs from the local FFA alumni. They are a regular concession that we have visited before and there is a reason the line goes about halfway down the block. YUM!!!


Namma said...

Very cute ducky...I hope you made more than one?

What a thoroughly ethnic weekend—researching Kitty Daddy's Irish background on Saturday and celebrating Kitty Mommy's Norwegian heritage on Sunday!

And do I detect a cheese curd theme running through the weekend? That, undoubtedly, goes along with all the cows that inhabit your fair state...