20 May 2008


Woof. If I have to do one more stinkin' load of bedding, I may start screaming and never stop. I realize that with one in diapers and one still not reliable overnight, I can expect accidents. However, we have rubberized sheeting over the fitted sheet that catches 90% of the oops and it and whatever blankets got wet go in a single load. On Saturday night, a wee Beeb managed to get his leaky butt off of the rubberized sheeting, so Sunday started with the (king-sized) waterproof mattress pad, the fitted sheet, several pillowcases and various and assorted blankets in the wash (two loads). Everything was dry and the bed was reassembled as we were putting our PJs on. However, someone (ahem) was overtired and forgot to put the rubberized sheeting over the fitted sheet. So Monday, morning repeat two loads of bedding. As we were getting ready for bed last night, I again reassembled the bed, being careful to make sure the rubberized sheeting was in place. Overnight, neither of the damp ones had any leaks, so things were looking up. At least until Bug came into the room and barfed all.over.the.foot.of.the.bed. Whee. Three more loads of bedding.

Fortunately, Bug seems to be fine. However, while wondering what is going to happen tonight, I have developed a nasty twitch over my left eye.


Namma said...

OMG, I can only hope you are kidding about the nasty twitch. I guess there's really is no way to put a positive spin on this except to say that at least you have an automatic washer and dryer right there in your own home (rather than having to go out to a laundromat or, worse yet, go down to the river and pound it all with a rock).

Hang in there (and I'm glad to hear Bug is okay).

Marianne said...

Heh.... I'd have a nasty twitch over both eyes!

I hope everyone's doing better now, no barfin'... mercy.
I'm with namma, washer and dryer in the home... I didn't have a washer and dryer in the home until '99, loooong after the kids were grown up... and out of the house... it was the laundromat for me, ACK.
(I'm still thrilled to do laundry at home :^D

Cindy G said...

Uf dah! Hope things are looking up all around.

Elizabeth said...

Been there, done that. So sorry to hear that's what you're up to these days, though. For awhile it seemed like I only changed sheets in the middle of the night.

YarnThrower said...

That is totally a bummer! The first time one of my kids threw up in bed, it occurred to me that **I** had to clean everything up, because **my mom** didn't live with us... Your kids will have nice memories of being cared for, even in the middle of the night, which is worth the trouble, though doesn't make it any less trouble... I hope things get better quickly!