12 November 2007

A quick math quiz

Creativity + Y chromosome = ?

I'm afraid to say it isn't alway pretty, but it is always interesting! This morning the kids had been building forts with the coffee table and play table in the living room using pillows and blankets. After a while, the pillows and blankets wound up in a big pile on the carpet with Bug buried underneath. He starts hollering, "Help! Help! I've been eaten by the slime!" I played along and lamented that my poor boy had been eaten and how much I would miss him. We went back and forth like this for a bit, when he announces, "It's okay momma, the slime is pooping me out!" He wanted me to use a "pooper scooper" and free him from the slime. I sent Bean in to do the "dirty work" with our invisible pooper scooper and when he was free, Bean and I washed him off with invisible hoses. So I got my sweet boy back and all is well. Needless to say, I am a bit apprehensive to see what we end up with when Beeb is big enough to be Bug's partner in crime!


Namma said...

Creativity + Y chromosome = Testosterone-laden ideas, usually. Hence all the sayings: "Boys will be boys," "It's a guy thing," etc, etc. And, Momma, what they can't think up, you certainly don't want to know!!;o)

The fort-building this morning sounds like fun, though. There's nothing better than a table and blankets to cover it...and in your dad's case, bowls of water and popcorn, and playing sheep(?!) Your kiddos would have to be careful about playing sheep, though, 'cause Momma would probably shear them and then start spinning!

Marianne said...

Should I be worried that Gracie comes up with the same sort of thing? (nah, she's had her big brother coaching her all the way)

When Avery was a little guy he'd have his action dudes in the bath with him, one evening he was in there just chuckling and giggling away, I looked in on him... 'hey, what's so funny?' "oh, just the guys here, they're in weinerland"

knottykitty said...

Words escape me. I guess you need that Y chromosome to come up with that stuff! :)