08 November 2007

All the news that's fit to print

We may get a couple of our fifteen minutes of fame! A local reporter is working on an article about Moms who blog, so we met her at the 'Bou for coffee this morning and a photographer stopped by this afternoon. Too exciting! I will certainly link to the article if I can!

In the forty-five minutes we were at the coffee shop, Bug upended his cocoa the minute it got to the table, Bean managed to dismantle a piece of the fireplace (I think (hope?) that it was already broken and she just knocked it loose), and Beeb, who was tied to my chest with a wrap, let loose with a poo that probably registered on the Richter scale. So if you read about unusual earthquake activity in Wisconsin, it is probably a false alarm. So, pretty much, a normal outing!


Marianne said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Yes! I remember those '3 ring circuses'..'the traveling show'.... having all the kids out in public! how funny... proud of Beebs...heh..:^) AND Bean and Bug!

Namma said...

You got to hear my laughter out loud on the phone 'cause I read your post while talking to you.
We're so proud that the Beebs took it upon himself to be a part of the sibling public spectacle ;o)...he wanted to be sure that he got his own ten seconds of fame too, I think. I presume you give big tips at the 'Bou?

Aine said...

Hi there! I'm another Madison blogger (and knitter) and saw the article online today. Just thought I'd say 'hey'!