07 November 2007

From the Department of Vital Statistics

Bean and Beeb had well child/baby check-ups last week and I completely forgot to report! The Beeb was a couple of days shy of two months (the appointment was the 30th) and tipped the scales at 11 pounds 10 ounces...well into double digits and he has climbed from around the 25th percentile for weight at birth to around 50th percentile. He is currently 22¾", or as I prefer a studly 1'10¾".

Bean continues to be a tall, exceedingly solid girl. At 3'4", she remains right around the 95th percentile for height. Although she looks very proportionate, albeit with a pleasant amount of baby/toddler chub remaining, she is again way off the charts for weight at 47 pounds 2 ounces. For her age, 95th percentile is around 37 pounds...whereas she weights more than 95% of five-year-old! Both last year and this year, the doctor thought that the weight had been recorded wrong as she doesn't look like she should weigh that much! But mama is getting her upper body work-out lifting her!


Marianne said...

No way would I have put her weighing in at that much, does she have little dinosaur bones? (stop laughing, my two youngest? huge bones in those bodies... Havala at 30 has STILL not grown into her ankle bones!)
Anyway... she looks perfect to me and of course Beebs does too :^) as I'm sure they do to you too...

Namma said...

Ah, yes, Miss Bean...she's just one of those toddlers that you stoop to pick up and then wonder what kind of glue is on the bottom of her feet!! ;o) ...'cause you'd never guess by looking at her that she weighs as much as she does.

Just make sure, Mama, that you develop upper-body strength picking Bean up...and not develop back problems (I'm overly touchy about backs as present).