21 November 2007

It's a Corner!

You REALLY have no idea how exciting this is. Yes, it is a square shawl pattern. Yes, squares more often than not have corners. No, I can't come up with a good reason why my square should come out with no corners. However, I have edged around the place where the corner belongs and am absolutely gobsmacked that it turned out looking cornerish. I mean, I knit it on circular needles and it has been distinctly blob shaped since early June. Intellectually, I understand how a square thing can be blob-shaped on circular needles, but seeing it actually happen is a whole 'nother ballgame!

So I am more than a quarter of the way around. I did get a bit hung up turning the corner. I carefully counted stitches, plotted and schemed to get the middle of the edging pattern centered on the corner, knit past the corner, took a look and realized that I had centered the pattern on my stitch marker dividing the four chart repeats. Not the corner. Crud. I had to tink back about four repeats of the edging to get past where I fudged stitches to get things to line up. Each edging row is twelve stitches; each repeat is sixteen rows. That's a LOT of tinking (or should that be gnittink??)! But I tinked (dettink?), adjusted where things fell, and reknit and now things are puttering along nicely.

When I was downloading the shawl photos, I found this one of a Bug creation. He made a crane out of Bean's mega-blocks (the line is a vine and the "picker-upper thing" is a fence section from some Dora mega-block sets). Technically, it's a "racing crane." You know, one that races around the race track and also stops to pick up broken race cars. Yeah, one of those.


Marianne said...

Oh, ACK! and I thought I was the Queen of Tink! You've got me beat by a long shot! BUT it will all be worth it, it's beautiful!

He's quite the engineer!

Alison said...

Oh, I know EXACTLY the sort of crane that he means. We have a race car in our garage right now. The Boy knows all his racing flags, and will sometimes use them in conversation (ie "blue flag mummy, I'm going to pass you, I said blue flag!")

Namma said...

Bug looks awfully pround of his creation...and should be...just as you should be proud of your creation, especially when the expected corner actually turned into a corner!! ;o)

When I read about tinking, I can't help but "tink" of your Swedish grandma...just tink about it for a minute...