15 November 2007

America Recycles Day

America Recycles DayToday is America Recycles Day. We celebrated by reading some books about garbage and recycling and then Bug, Bean, and I, together, took the recycling pledge. Since we have been pretty lax about recycling since moving to our new apartment (the recycling dumpster was always crammed full of non-recyclable trash), we have a lot of room for improvement. The apartment management sent around recycling information and threatened to crack down on dumpster mis-users, so this is as good of a time as any to get back into the recycling groove. We read about what can be recycled (item one on the pledge), set up a recycle bin in the kitchen, picked a couple of recyclables out of the trash can, and took them to the recycling dumpster for practice (item two), we will be taking our old monitor to be recycled on Saturday (item three), and sent the pledge on to five other people (item five). We skipped number four this year. I think it would be more meaningful to do that together when the kids understand more about government. Sure, I could do it myself, but I would rather pledge to do things that I know will get followed through on, rather than procrastinated on.

In other news, Beeb has been smiling for a few weeks now, but those smiles have been too fleeting to capture until recently. So for your perusal, the Beeb-man smiles:

Yeah, between him and big brother, the chicks don't have a chance!


Namma said...

Beeb has such BIG dark eyes and a very cute, captivating smile...yep, he's a charmer, all right!

Glad to hear you're back on the recycling bandwagon. As "Oregonizers" (i.e., residents of Oregon), we (Dad and I) pretty much rule when it comes to recycling...and they keep making it easier. We don't even have to do very much sorting of the curbside pickup recycling anymore.

Marianne said...

Yeah, we have a large bin (from the city) and we don't have to sort either, just get the stuff in it and get it to the curb weekly. What a deal, eh?

Beeb... dude, you've got me cramping from the charm, holy smokes, yeah, the big dark eyes and that oh so almost casual smile that packs quite the whallop... oh yeah... mercy.

Namma said...

Right back at ya, Beeb!! I can't look at him without getting a big smile on my face, too...very therapeutic for this grandma, although I want to have the experience of holding him more than ever now...[big sigh]

(You notice I keep coming back to look at him...need to make a hard copy, I guess.)

Sarah and Jeremy said...

Oh my goodness, what a handsome little man! And just look at those EYES!! You guys sure made beautiful kids:)