25 November 2006

WIP Saturday???

Okay, so I'm not doing so hot on knitting updates on Friday. At least this week I have a holiday excuse. Today is the second Sunday in a row this weekend! No new pictures this week though...everything looks a lot like it did last week:

  • Candle Flame Shawl continues to grow...I am almost done with the 11th pattern repeat.
  • Bloomers for Crumpets Dress...as Nike says, "Just do it" already!!
  • Red, White, and Black socks also continue to grow. I figured that there should be about 10.5 stripe repeats between the heel marker row and the toe decreases. I have about seven repeats done, so only a little over three to go. Then the toe decreases and heel construction go pretty quickly, because I am just geeky enough to get really absorbed watching decreases happen!
  • Feather and Fan Scarflet...see Crumpets Bloomers...*sigh*
  • Swiffer Cover...the first green band is almost done, but I haven't really done more that a few rows on it.
I have also done a gage swatch for a sweater for Bug, but haven't completely decided on a plan of attack yet. I think I might try and get the Candle Flame shawl done first...we'll see.