18 November 2006


Our sweet kitty Chai is home!!!! She had a nice two week vacation with a wonderful person. Apparently, after slipping out the door, she had been captured in a big net by a neighbor, whose son was hitting Chai with a stick. Our good samaritan (who was visiting another neighbor) intervened on Chai's behalf and took her home. She had reported finding Chai to the animal shelter, but her report and our report were apparently never matched up. This morning, this wonderful lady was back in the area visiting her friend who lives two doors down from us and after seeing signs, they check with us and our princess is home!

I truly hope that there is a special place in heaven reserved for people who are kind to animals. While we expressed our appreciation in words and a small reward, I'm not sure that is possible to adequately convey just how much her kind actions meant to us.


Mom said...

We're so happy that Chai is back home with her family. Let's hope she won't be so eager to escape again...although it sounds that after getting rescued from being beaten by a stick, she had a pretty good kitty hotel/spa experience!