20 November 2006

From the department of vital statistics

What with the excitement of company (Grandma and Grandpa), missing kitties, and other random excitement, I neglected to blog about a very important milestone: Miss Bean's second birthday. Her birthday was 10/21 and the pictures below are from our little party on the 22nd. Bean has become a huge fan of Blue's Clues. When we have a BC video out from the library, she will point up at the DVD/VCR and say "Boo-boo" with the hand sign that they use for Blue's clues in the videos. So her cake this year was a big clue!

She had her two-year well child checkup the Tuesday after her birthday and weighed in at a 37½ pounds (just for comparison, the 95th percentile for two-year-old girls is about 32 pounds). She is 2'11" tall, which is around the 80th percentile. She doesn't look like she should weigh anywhere near what she actually does (and the doctor agrees)...she is just a solid, densely put together little gal!

The birthday cake!

Birthday card from Great-grandma 'Dell

A star-bellied Sneech (with accompanying book) from Grandma and Grandpa

High fashion from Grandma and Grandpa (It's the dress we used for our pictures yesterday)

A "Waldorf-y" doll from mom and dad


Grandma K said...

What a cute two-year-old! The pictures show that Miss Bean knows what birthday gifts are all about! So glad that we could be there to share it with her.