15 July 2008

Why yes, I do knit!

It just doesn't look like it on the blog these days! The two projects that I'm working on regularly are advancing slowly as I have been doing more spinning these days and lots of kid wrangling. I am nearly two-thirds done with Laminaria. I am on the last repeat of the blossom chart and then just have the two edging charts to do. Well, "just" might not be the right word...the edging is over a third of the whole shawl. But it will be a change of pace. The shawl as it stands right now:

And a close up of the denser stars and more open blossoms:

It's still looking all unblocked lace scrunchy, but the blossoms will really pop with blocking!

I am also working on the Kitty Man socks. The verigated yarn is cotton, which combined with my typical tight knitting makes for tired hands if I work on these too long, so the going is very slow! I am going to keep knitting until I run out of yarn. I may do the cuff in the solid orange, but I haven't decided for sure yet. We'll see when I get there!

Close-up of lace-work:

I got the charts for the lacework here (pdf), but the sock itself is my standard recipe.


Namma said...

Both of your knitting projects look really lovely. I'm just having a hard time at the moment looking at anything that looks the least bit "warm" in the wearing department...because we just came in from our morning stint of hauling and leveling bark mulch. We did only the front yard today on our first "barking" day and decided to call it quits since the temps are in the 80s...and the work itself is hot and tiring (without the sun's contribution)!

Marianne said...

The colours have really come out nicely in your socks. All Summery :^)

Laminaria... I keep going back and looking at those projects on Ravelry, that's a really pretty design!

Leeduck said...

Your Laminaria looks reassuringly like mine, I've been worrying that I used too small needles.

Of course, I decided it wouldn't be appreciated as the wedding shower gift I had planned it. So now I've lost incentive to work on it.

Cindy G said...

Laminaria is looking gorgeous! And I love those whiskery little kitty faces on the socks.

MollyBeees said...

Just wanted to let you know how much fun I had at Knit Night on Friday. I felt like a real person again for 4 whole hours. You guys are a Godsend. (Although I still think there is something inherently wrong with you for attempting Laminaria!) Thanks for all of the support and laughs!