02 July 2008

Stormy Wednesday

It looks like today will be an indoor day! About ten minutes into the kids' swimming lessons, thunder started rumbling in the distance and they cleared the pool. The kids went into the locker room to learn about life jackets and safety. About ten minutes after that, the ominous black clouds rolled in and it started raining great big rain drops. I thought I was being clever and had parked Beeb and myself under one of the big umbrellas. Turns out that the big umbrellas block sun, but rain? Not so much so. All they did was turn each big raindrop into several dozen wee sprinkly raindrops, so we got wet more uniformly than the people out in the open. Shortly thereafter, the rain decided to get serious, so Beeb and I made a dash for the locker room, too. Then the sky completely opened up. When Bean asked why I had joined them, I told her it was because it was raining cats and dogs and toads and frogs and crickets and anteaters. No sheep. I checked pretty carefully. Or alpacas. There was some hail though. We waited out the worst of it before making a break for the car and home.

What? Swimming lessons, you say? Why yes, Bug and Bean are both enrolled in their first sessions of swim lessons. Bug is enrolled in the big kids' Level 1 lessons and Bean is in the preschool class. They both love their teachers and announced after the first lesson that they were both going to teach swim lessons when they were big enough. Bean has a "boy teacher," who is a typical pool lifeguard aged dude. Watching him get silly with the little preschool girls is totally worth the price of admission. Beeb and I could have enrolled in parent-child lessons, but I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have gotten anything out of it that we aren't already getting in the apartment complex pool for free, so we didn't. Besides, when it isn't raining buckets, I can make progress on the Kitty Man socks.

Beeb has finally figured out how to sit down from a supported standing position, much to my relief. Relief, not because I was worried about him reaching a milestone or not, but because he would get tired of standing and start shrieking to get down. Incidentally, he has discovered, much to his delight, that he can make an ear-splitting screech and delights in reproducing it. I don't know which will be first, Mr. Yowley McScreecherson outgrowing this phase or Mama going deaf. I know that this too shall pass as Miss Bean went through the same thing, but man, my poor ears. Plus it makes me a bit self-conscious in public as it sounds like he's being tortured when he lets loose. He's not. He's just exercising his vocal cords...probably be a dramatic tenor some day, but meanwhile, you should see people's heads whip around to see what the insane lady is doing to the poor child.

And finally, a gratuitous I Can Haz Cheezebabies...

...that is just wrong on so many levels I hardly know where to start. Yes, he fell asleep on the floor in the doorway to the bedroom. Yes, that's a rubber chicken in his mouth. Yes, it's a squeaky dog toy. In my defense, Kitty Daddy was watching him while I was in the shower (I hopped out and had him fetch the camera so I could take the picture) and the dog toy actually belongs to Bean, not the dog. When she was a toddler, she fell in love with Cheepy Chicky at Target, so we used him as bribery to make the trip go smoother. It is a cute picture, though.


Marianne said...

Oooh, that's just priceless.

dale-harriet said...

Cute? CUTE?? Ah, no, Kittymommy, that's an ADORABLE picture! My youngest regularly fell asleep on the floor, where he slept like a log. (Or, you know, a pencil, on the floor.) The swimming lessons are a very GOOD idea; my same Mr Youngest was afraid of swimming, and literally wound up not being able to be in the Navy (which he wanted) because of it. I've decided it must the yarn fumes. YOUR babies are treasures, the Chocolate Lambs are sparklers all -every kidlet I've ever seen at our LYS is precious. (And gratuitous or not, LOVE those pictures.)

Namma said...

Gratuitous...I think NOT! Those Cheezbabies pictures are totally necessary for this reader of your blog...but then, I think I already mentioned sometime in the past how much I love these funny, adorable pictures of my little grandCheezbaby. Going to sleep with a rubber chicken in your mouth?...not only unbelievable, but priceless ;o)

Glad to hear the both Bug and Bean are enthralled with their respective swim instructors. That makes the lessons go so much better. Too bad, though, that it had to storm during the first lesson.

Elizabeth said...

I used to give dog toys to Owen, too. It did him no lasting harm. I think. ;)

Namma said...


Love your new little family member figures at the top of your blog!