09 July 2008

Come into my garden!

Our garden, while tiny, is doing well this year. I up-potted Hin the tomato to a bigger "pot" this weekend and he is thriving!

Compare it to a little over three weeks ago after the first up-potting (the garden pics are at the end of the post)! Hin has three blossoms in full bloom and several more buds.

We should have tomatoes before long. The apple trees are growing, too. I think Bug is expecting to pick apples off our trees this fall. I keep telling him there won't be any apples this year, but hope springs eternal at age five.


Namma said...

I think it's a big horicultural help that your tomato has a name. Plants, like people, thrive on a lot of attention.

You'll have to tell Bug that the branches of his apple trees have to get big and strong enough to hold up the apples. I potted up some hazelnut/filbert trees I found in our yard about three years ago. They're getting taller (~3'), but so far, no nuts! Which reminds me, I probably need to up-pot those guys.