24 July 2008

Tommy-toes coming!

Our wee garden is growing nicely! I am already thinking about an expanded container garden for next year. As much as I wish I had more this year, I also am very aware of how big of a pain it would be to move any more containers than we already have! Mr. Hin is growing nicely and has his very own tomato ring now:

This was how he looked just a little over a month ago (6/16):

Lookin' good, Hin! And even better we have:

with a second level of blossoms blooming now. It won't be long before we can have some little 'maters to eat. Too exciting!!! Unfortunately, it my excitement of showing the tee-tiny tomato to the kids a week or so ago, I broke off what would have been our first tomato. Mama has been doing better with her own advice since then: Look with your eyes, not your hands!


Namma said...

Good show, Mr. Hin! We just ate our first garden tomatoes today. They were cherry-sized tomatoes from my Sun Gold plant, but nonetheless, they had the great taste of sun-ripened garden tommy-toes.

dale-harriet said...

Impressive! I'm going to do a container garden next year - Mr Dearling loves his termaters more'n anything but warm bread. I grew some last year (serendipity) and am now Inspired. Prolly too late to try any now, but there's always next year.