14 July 2008

My little fishies

I often affectionately refer to my crazy bunch as a zoo, but I am starting to think that "aquarium" might be more appropriate! Bug and Bean finished their swimming lessons last Thursday. Each had a few things on their report cards that "need work" before advancing to another level, but I am just amazed by how much they learned! In addition to swimming lessons, we took advantage of a free day at the local pool last Wednesday with a friend. Bug was finally big enough to go on the water slide so it was a good thing that we had a friend with us. She and Bug went on the slide several times. Beeb was being a Mama's boy and didn't want me out of his sight, so I didn't get to go.

We also spend a fair amount of time at the apartment swimming pool (one thing we will miss when we move!), where Bean has demonstrated her abilities to blow bubbles and kick. Her new favorite thing is to hold onto my hands and swim (with and without bubbles) while I pull her around the pool. She also likes coming with me to deeper water (4'6") and holding her breath and getting dunked to touch the bottom. She has also worked up the courage to jump in the shallow end where she can touch all by herself, with me just watching, but much prefers jumping into my arms! Bug likes jumping in at the shallow end (3') and then swimming underwater as far as he can get in one breath. He kicks like a champ, but hasn't quite coordinated the arms yet. Beeb loves standing on the steps and splashing with his arms. He can stand on three different steps and be ankle deep, hip deep, or armpit deep. He also loves playing "putt-putt." I help him "swim" around the pool by supporting him on his belly or back while he kicks his little froggy legs and splashes his arms. When he gets going on his belly, you'd swear that you could let go and he'd just keep swimming! (I haven't tried.)

I wish I had pictures, but after losing one very nice camera to an ill-fated canoe trip (don't wanna talk about it except to say that the guy who was laughing almost convulsively at the mishap went under with his even more expensive camera about ten minutes later. There is sometimes justice.), I am understandably nervous about having cameras around water! Maybe we can figure something out with Kitty Daddy to keep the camera far from the water.


One last thing...please go and check out earthchick's raffle. She is raising money for a peer mentoring program for clergywomen that she participated it. While I am not involved in organized religion (nor do I even know earthchick's affiliation), I can speak firsthand of the benefits of this kind of thing for women in male-dominated professions. While women can match men performance-wise is any field (and vice-versa....KittyDaddy is a nurse, so we have seen both sides), having a great support system can really make the difference in advancement and retention of talented women in largely male fields and provide even more great role models for our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and other favorite growing girls. Plus there are some AMAZING fibery prizes (and even some non-fibery ones). Go take a look...the drawing is in early August and rumor has it that a new prize will be added for every $500 in donations over the original goal (which has already been met).


Namma said...

Yes, you will definitely have to figure out a way to take some pictures of your little aquarium fishies in action. It sounds like they have all made great water progress, even the Beeb, who didn't take lessons.