29 October 2008

Catching Up III: Halloweenies

This year for Halloween, we have a pumpkin, a princess, and a pflamingo (you know, like the pfabulous pfaucet with the pfunny name?? Didn't want Beeb to feel left out with the p-thing). We started our week of Halloweenies at the zoo, which was fun, but a bit of a disappointment compared to previous years. Here are the pumpkin and princess posing:

and our widdle flamingo hanging out with his peeps.

Bug and Beeb are both wearing hand-me-down costumes. The pumpkin has a long, sordid history. I was the pumpkin in grade school, my little brother had his turn as pumpkin, and my mom has worn it to work for Halloween. We will have to pass it along to my little brother's family when I have subjected everyone here to the pumpkin. Bean was the first Flamingo a three years ago, though that was the year that Bug and Bean ended up swapping costumes, so technically, Bug was the flamingo for trick or treating.

We have a whole week of Halloween fun going, so we will get lots of mileage out of these costumes. On Monday, our homeschool playgroup had a halloween party, so we dressed up again and made some ghoulish treats:

Finger Food, a la Molly Bees and

Mummy toes (aka monster toes). Wednesday is a Halloweenish story time at the library and Friday is Halloween!


Namma said...

Such fun...and it's nice to get so much mileage out of the costumes, i.e., getting to wear them for several different events this week. And yeah, the Great Pumpkin costume looks just like I remember it. Talk about getting one's money's worth from a couple of yards of orange material! As I said on the phone, I think it soon can be officially considered a family heirloom costume...whatever the heck that means...;o)

Love the ghoulish fingers and toes that you made.

Marianne said...

Cute Cute Cute!!!
I love that everyone is getting their turn with the Pumpkin!

MollyBeees said...

Groovy treats, Chick! Beeb can still be a 'P'. He's dressed as Placedo Flamingo! I just want to squish him, he's so cute!