28 October 2008

Catching Up II: A Beanly Birthday

Who woulda thunk that this little spud:

would become such a charming, spunky, cute, silly kiddo four years later? We celebrated her fourth birthday last week. We had cake and ice cream after dinner on her actual birthday and then this past weekend we made our traditional pilgrimage to Ella's Deli for a special birthday dinner. She is still a huge Dora fan and demanded a Dora cake. I made a Map cake last year, so decided on a Backpack cake this year

and Bean blew candles out with gusto!

She has definitely entered a phase of superlatives. She declared this her "best birthday ever" and all of here presents were the best, nicest, or most. She got a nightgown from Grandma and Grandpa H that is a special treat after wearing mostly hand-me-down jammies. I think we may have trouble getting it away from her for laundry! From us, she got a doll umbrella stroller and she is bringing her baby along to story time, farmers' market, or anywhere that little brother gets to ride in a stroller!

She's a pretty special little lady and I can hardly believe how grown up she is already getting...the time just goes much too fast!


MollyBeees said...

Happy Birthday Bean!!!! What a cutie you are! I love your backpack cake. Purple is my favorite color. Your Mom is the CakeMeister!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Aww! Happy Birthday Bean! I hope it was a great day.

Namma said...

Hippo birdies to our sweet little four-year-old. I know she had a great birthday...just wish we could have been there to help her celebrate her best birthday ever. However, we send all our love and best wishes for many more "best birthdays ever!"

P.S. Love the Dora-inspired cake, too.

Marianne said...

Happy Birthday Bean!

What a cutie and a sweetie, you know by now, I love your young'uns.

I'm telling you, 'don't blink'.