30 October 2008

Catching Up IV: Kid Pics

The brood doing assorted cute things...

Bug was cold one afternoon, so he bundled up in a sweater and made himself a bed atop the cedar chest. Looks pretty comfy to me!

Bug is up to much buggish stuff. He loves numbers and has just discovered dot-to-dots...he's been working his way through a book of them and is now doing some with 100 dots! He is also experimenting with phonics and loves finding rhyming words. He asked to start up with the Bob Books again and we are currently breezing through the second set. He wants to read since he loves books so much, but some of the brain pathways just aren't quite ready yet, but he's getting closer all the time.

Bean is very pleased with her pigtails!

She is very into dressing up with jewelry and hair-dos these days. After an enthusiastic (and very cute) start to life in pigtails, she wouldn't let me mess with her hair more than the bare minimum most days. She is very determined to learn her letters since she wants to read like her big brother. She also loves counting, but still tends to put the numbers in her own order: One, two, bree, seben... She also is very taken with the stroller she got for her birthday. She loves being a little mommy and has her "baby" close at hand much of the time (the baby she got two years ago is the baby of choice these days...bottom picture of this post).

And last, but certainly not least, the Beeb:

My little dude is turning into a toddler (sniff, sniff). He needs a haircut, but Mama isn't quite ready to part with the sweet baby hair just yet. We are getting a lot of "Oh what a cute little girl" comments. He has been walking with a walker like Great Grandma Dell for a couple of weeks now. He doesn't have a fancy one like her, but a doll stroller or a foot stool serves quite nicely thankyouverymuch. He started taking short jaunts on his own last weekend and is gaining confidence all the time. He is also getting ready for talking. He knows a couple of signs ("more" with respect to food is his favorite) and parrots back some words. Oh, and according to my little future fiberphile, all animals go "Baa," even the fish at the library.


Namma said...

Oh, what cute grandkids, all doing their own thing(s)! Isn't it fun to see what amazing little individuals they all are?

"Hair" are some other comments: Bug's hair has really grown out since his summer buzz-cut...looking good; Bean's pigtails look so cute on her (as did the much earlier versions); and Beeb would look cute in any hairdo, even a little boy one, that is, when Mama can bear to part with his baby hair.