22 October 2007

Wonderful weekend

We had a marvelous weekend this week, marred only by the fact that Grandma and Grandpa weren't here to share it with us as planned. In addition to perfect fall weather and gorgeous fall colors, we had a whole bunch of fun activities.

On Saturday, we went to the Enchanted Forest put on by the City of Fitchburg. It was held at a local park and included wagon rides pulled by Clydesdale horses, a bonfire, and a walk through the woods lit by Christmas-type lights and populated by folks dressed up in story book costumes. Of course, I forgot my camera, so no pictures! We went the first year we were here, but missed last year due to an unfortunate combination of iffy weather, cancellations, and company.

On Sunday morning, we got up and headed out for trick-or-treating at the zoo. I remembered to bring my camera, but discovered that the batteries were dead when I went to take the first pictures, so I only have one picture of Beeb from before we went to the zoo (I promise to get costume pictures of everyone on Halloween!):

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight...

Sunday afternoon and evening were dedicated to Bean's Birthday! The divine miss Bean is now three years old! We celebrated by going to Ella's Deli (which has become a birthday tradition here) and then coming home for cake, ice cream and presents.

If you aren't in the kid-vid loop, it's Map from Dora. Say it with me: "Cake - Presents - Three Years Old!"


Namma said...

Kittymommy did a wonderful Map for Miss Bean's BD...cake, presents, and three years old...what more could you want on your wonderful BD weekend? We're so sad we had to miss out on everything this year o<[:o( (Well, at least, I put my birthday party hat on...)

Love the picture of the lion cub. Bebe looks so cute in his costume...can't wait to see Bug and Bean dressed up too.

Marianne said...

hahaha! 'it's the map, it's the map, it's the map, it's the map'.. great I've got 'that' looping in my head now!
Happy belated birthday to Miss Bean! Getting to be such a big girl now... :^)
That Enchanted Forest sounds beyond delightful!

I am SO tickled with the Lion Beeb, seriously, how cute and sweet and and and is that?!?!?!?

Namma said...

I really want to pluck the little lion cub from the picture and hold him...not fair...