17 October 2007

Oh Crud.

We have been just having quite the series of mishaps and plans fallen through this month! Kitty Daddy's mom was schedule to be here the first week of October to see the grandkids and to keep Kitty Mommy company while Kitty Daddy went to Minneapolis for a two-day conference. However, because of some health issues, her doctor suggested that she remain close to home until things are better resolved.

Next, my parents were supposed to leave Oregon last Saturday and arrive in Wisconsin today. Unfortunately, Grandma Dell (my dad's mom), who also has some on-going health issues ended up in the emergency room on Friday morning, so my folks had to scratch the trip, too. That puts poor little Beebster at 0-2 with the grandmas (through no fault of his *or* theirs!). Of course, Bug and Bean (as well as my parents and I) are way more disappointed than Mr. Beeb.

Then, if that weren't enough, we had yet another flat tire on the van yesterday. The interesting part is that we were on the way to the library and had the flat within a half of a block of where the last flat occurred. The good news is that this time, it wasn't cold, dark, and raining...the bad news is that this time, I had three little assistants in the car with me. Fortunately, Kitty Daddy was able to make an appointment close to where he works and will be taking it in tomorrow morning, so we are only house bound (other than outings on foot) for two and a half days instead of waiting until Saturday, when we usually take care of these things!

Fortunately, we have also had a lot of good stuff too. Last weekend was lovely. We went to the Fitchburg Fire Department open house for the third year in a row we've gone. No new pictures this year, but we did a lot of the same things as last year. On Sunday, we drove down to Rainbow Fleece Farms near New Glarus. I oohed and aahed over Patty's beautiful roving colorways and ended up coming home with just under four ounces of "Deep End of the Ocean." Deciding which one I wanted to try was NOT an easy choice! If we get a sunny day (and I remember), I will see if I can get a picture that does it justice!


Marianne said...

Oh crud, indeed!

I hope everyone comes through with flying colours... you know, I hope everyone will be fine.
Sheesh, 2 flat tires in the same area...are they pulling nails or anything else sharp and pointy out of the tires? Road debris?
Hang in there, KittyMommy!
(due to school being out a couple of days... I have Conor and Gracie all.day.long. tomorrow...I may be a little out of 'practise'...)

Marianne said...

'practice'.... it appears my spelling is also... :^)

Namma said...

To paraphrase an old song, "Mama said there'd be *months* like this, there'd be *months* like this, my mamma said..." And your own mama (and daddy) are feeling the pain just as you are. I think I'm done crying, though, over the disappointment of our cancelled trip, except maybe when I think I could be holding the Beebster and playing with Bug and Bean right now if our plans hadn't fallen through.{:o(