28 October 2007

We Love Fall!!

We went back to Lake Farm Park on Saturday and took Kitty Daddy along. And I remembered my camera this time. It was another beautiful fall day, so we had a nice walk and Kitty Daddy tossed horse shoes and I knit while the kids played at a couple of the playgrounds.

I have been knitting, but at the moment, all my stitches are going into biggish projects that don't show much for the effort. I will throw in a progress photo of the Frost Flowers and Leaves shawl, though.

I started the edging and have completed a couple of inches of the twelve miles of edging to finish the shawl...so the end is in sight, but not necessarily all that close! The edging is 12 stitches wide and every 16 rows finishes off 10 shawl stitches. There are 1380 stitches around the edge of the shawl. Yipes!


Namma said...

Your shawl is absolutely beautiful. You'll have to model it once it's completed (since we hardly ever see the picture-taker in any of your pictures).

And I echo your sentiments...we love fall, too...such blue skies contrasting against the fall colors.

Marianne said...

Beautiful photos and I'm glad to hear Kitty Daddy got to enjoy that park along with the rest of the Kitty Family!
I just love that Frost Flowers and Leaves shawl, one of the prettiest ever and yours is so very beautiful. and I'm with you...YIKES, all those stitches, still... stitch by stitch you'll get there and it will be SO worth it!