09 October 2007

The Many Faces of the Beebster

Last night after bath time, we did a photo shoot of BB. The HR folks at KittyDaddy's work needed a picture for the employee newsletter. This is the picture we sent along of our devastatingly handsome (pronounced "devathtatingly handthome") little dude:

And here are a few others that are particularly cute or silly looking:

And lest you think he might be a perfect angel ALL of the time:

"'Nuff pictures, mama, leave me alone!"


Marianne said...

OK, I'm positively loving the next to last photo...seriously, he's looking all 'thwauve',eh?
Great photos!
(I also love 'Beebster')

Namma said...

Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute...all five pix. And what a sweet little kimono...lovingly hand-knit by Mama.