09 May 2007

A Big Day

Yesterday, KittyDaddy and I celebrated being married for nine years. Bug, Bean, and I brought him some flowers, a balloon, and a card at work and then took him out to lunch (Culvers, in case you're wondering...we are nothing if not completely classy). Bean was moderately distressed about leaving the balloon behind, even though we discussed that it was daddy's balloon the whole way. He reciprocated with a card and a combination anniversary/mother's day gift certificate to Susan's Fiber Shop. Incidentally, I started spinning the alpaca I got at Susan's a couple of weeks ago. It is really amazing stuff! After the kind of roughish wool I had been spinning last, it was like spinning with clouds...so soft and fluffy! I can't wait to shop for more fluff there!

While we were driving home, we passed through Oregon (the town in Wisconsin, not the state) and saw a prescribed burn on field of prairie grass. We took a detour to go take a look and I showed the kids what they were doing. It was quite beautiful and quite amazing to watch. When I was in graduate school, I took part in a prescribed burn with a friend. She was doing her graduate research on fires as a part of prairie management. Incidentally, she was one of the witnesses at our wedding, so the timing of seeing it yesterday was kind of neat.

Kids are starving and we desperately need to go to the grocery store after lunch, so that's all for now...


knottykitty said...

Congrats on your anniversary! Sounds like you had a fun day!

Namma said...

Happy 9th anniversary! Just wish you had passed through Oregon (the state) on your way home; however, you'll be doing exactly that in the not-too-distant future. :o)!