05 May 2007

Getting good habits started early!

Ha! I have had a few (several??) slips with questionable language, which, of course, is immediately repeated by Bug. So we discuss that Mommy probably shouldn't say words like that and could he help me remember? We've had mixed success on both sides, but now Bug has started cursing like a sailor (carpenter? knitter?). Fortunately, he has made up his own curseword: Bixit! When something goes awry, he declares, "Oh Bixit!" I have decided that this is probably a lot better than some of the alternatives, so we have been letting it ride.

In the Bean department, her new fixation is "Keh Kah" (credit cards). Gotta start early! When I was digging through and discarding junk mail, I pulled out several cardboard "credit cards" that she immediately claimed. It has come in extremely handy when she is resisting a diaper change. We take the credit cards away and she gets them back one at a time as the diaper change progresses. One for getting wiped up...one for fresh diaper...one for fresh cover...one for putting pants back on. I have to admit that I kind of get her fascinations, as I was an avid collector of magazine tugouts when I was not a whole lot bigger than she is. My dad didn't like having the tugouts in when he was paging through a new magazine, so he would tug them out and have a stack and I would immediately confiscate them!


Namma said...

I guess it's really true that there is nothing new under the sun. Dad and I chuckled at the memories of your "tugout" fascination, and I remember a small girl and, later, a little boy reprimanding mommy and daddy when they used "carpenter talk." I think it's a good thing for all of us to be reminded that there are enough words in our English language to cover most any situation without reverting to cursing. I rather like Bug's "oh bixit" though. Now if I can just remember it when I most need it...like when the miniblind over the kitchen sink came loose this morning when I attempted to pull it up and made a big mess...mostly plant dirt scattered all over. ;o)

Marianne said...

Heh, curse like a knitter. I like that, and I do quite well, in fact a master at it.
I do find myself watching my language when I have Conor and Gracie....although on the other hand...I don't think there's anything wrong in educating them young about words and when NOT to use them, and the fact that they really don't get to use them til they're 'grown up'...oh gee, something to look forward to. ;^)

Knittymama said...

Bixit...I love it. I have a potty mouth too, so maybe I'll borrow that one to tone my own down:-)

knottykitty said...

*smiling* at the Bug swear word and the indoctrination of Bean to the wonderful world of credit cards---just a different kind of credit! :)