07 May 2007


Subtitled "Why you don't want KittyMommy anywhere near anything of yours that is green"

Our little adventure in killing small helpless green things gardening continues. So last weekend, we got our little seedlings transferred to containers. I took pictures, but and finally getting around to posting them:
The terra cotta pots, from top to bottom are: tomato, two jalapenos, basil, and basil. The recycled laundry detergent bucket is another tomato.

The two recycled kitty litter buckets are a pair of jalapenos on the left and a tomato on the right. Transplanting was fairly uneventful, except that Bean was a little bit too enthusiastic about helping, but we got through. I even splurged and got the fancy potting soil that is supposed to feed the plants for four months. So, a little over a week later, here are the victims plants:

The pots are in the same order, but the picture is rotated. So far we have broken one of the terra cotta plates under the pot, added discarded aquarium gravel (found behind a bush) to the tomato in the terra cotta pot and more than likely killed off both tomatoes, both jalapenos, and one of the basil. The other basil hasn't made up its mind yet.

In the kitty litter buckets, one jalapeno went missing (Bean has been having a blast moving dirt from one container to another), the other is most likely dead, as is this tomato.

Yeah, we're pretty proud of our garden. We'll give it another week. If the more-than-likely-dead plants move into the definitely-dead category, maybe we'll see how long it takes to kill some little seedlings from the store...


Namma said...

There is at least one positive aspect to your current gardening situation...if your plants join the definitely-dead category, you won't have to find anyone to water them when you're out of town...