21 May 2007

Random, random, and more random

So, I have once again gotten behind and need to catch up...also, KnottyKitty tagged me, so I have a meme to do to. Since there is little hope of coming up with anything coherent in catching up, it is just as well that the meme is a random things one! At least we'll have a theme going!

Last Thursday, we got motivated to go out the door to Farmer's market a bit early, so we took the opportunity for a long detour and went to see the field that we saw burning the week before. Nothing but beautiful pale green new grasses as far as the eye can see! Okay, the kids weren't nearly as impressed as I was...oh well. Then on the way back, we drove through "Keys Park" and saw the carnival set up for Fitchburg days. Thus, once we got to Farmer's Market, Bug had to tell everyone he saw that Keys park had become a carnival. Now that's exciting stuff!

Since we have been watching "Electric Company" videos and Burger King's kid's meals have had Spiderman toys, Bug has become just a little obsessed with Spiderman (note that "just a little" means flinging webs at everyone 24/7 and centering every conversation around Spiderman). So we decided to rent the first of the Spiderman movies. We watched it twice. If we hadn't had to return in to the video store, we would probably have seen it every single day since.

In addition to Spiderman, Bug's current obsessions are Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars. He often mixes them together. When Spiderman was fighting the Green Goblin near the end of the Spiderman movie, Bug was feeling nervous about it and decided he was a Cylon and was "dunning" the Green Goblin with his "dunners" to help Spiderman ("Dunners" are guns that go "dun, dun, dun, dun"). Then, after reading one of Uncle J's vintage Star Wars books at bedtime last night, this morning he was chasing Ewoks around and shooting spider webs at them.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a barefooted Bean on my lap and we started playing "This Little Piggy," so for a while her feet would say "oak, oak, oak" to me. Then she decided that they weren't piggies, but cows, so now they say "mow, mow, mow" (rhymes with "ow," not what you do to the lawn). She also thinks it is an absolute hoot to try and put her cows up on the table while we are eating. We are discouraging it, but it's still pretty cute when they say "mow, mow, mow"

On Saturday, the four of us made a short road trip up to Susan's Fiber Shop so that I could spend my gift certificate that KittyDaddy got me for our anniversary and Mother's day. The kids enjoyed looking at the sheep and lambs and I got to wander and look at pretty fluff. What came home with me included a one-pound cone of pale green Jagger Spun laceweight

that will become a "Frost Flowers and Leaves" from A Gathering of Lace. I also got 100g of mystery sock yarn. I saw it and it reminded me of someone, so it will be gifted once it becomes a pair of socks. There will be pictures after the gift is received, just in case the recipient reads my blog. I also got one Fiber Trends pattern for adult and child sized felted ballerina slippers that I have been planning to get. On the spinning front, I got myself a Turkish Spindle.

I am completely taken by spinning skinny singles and have discovered that I can't do Andean plying to make a 2-ply yarn without completely cutting off the circulation to my hand. I had enough trouble doing it with thicker yarn. With a Turkish spindle, the spun single get wrapped into a center pull ball. Once the single is spun, the center shaft slides out the bottom and the two cross pieces slide apart, leaving the center pull ball, which (in theory), I should be able to do two-ply by joining the ends. I also got three little bags of fibers (about an ounce of each) to fill out the gift certificate: viscose (rayon), a merino/rayon blend, and bunny (angora, I think). The yarn on the Turkish spindle is the merino/rayon. I have the alpaca from the previous SFS trip on my other spindle.

In less than a week we are leaving for our vacation. We are driving to Oregon (the state, not the town in Wisconsin) starting next Sunday (it will be a three-day drive). So the kids and I have been running around trying to get ready. Two weeks ago, we got a two-screen portable DVD player to keep the kids quiet entertain the kids and in yesterday's paper, it was on sale for $50 cheaper! Fortunately, they refunded that amount most graciously! Of course, every day since we got the player, Bug has been asking if it is our trip day. We are all looking forward to visiting with Grandma and Grandpa and Great-Grandma 'Dell, as well as seeing the coast (and the aquarium at Newport) and the Oregon Zoo. Hopefully, I will also find some blogging time so I don't have to do a HUGE catch-up after the trip! I am also looking forward to some serious knitting time on the road...yay!

I have also discovered that I can't call my parents from the Taco Bell parking lot anymore...at least not before I eat. When we went in to order, the only thing I could come up with is "Nachos Supreme, no sour cream, Bean Burrito, Fresco style, Fiesta Potatoes, and two senior drinks." I had to slap myself around a little before I could come up with the right order (two kids meals, both with two tacos and a number three with softshells). I have also permanently confused the Banfield (in Portland), with the Beltline (in Madison). I inevitably get them reversed and then can't think of the other name to save my life. My brain cells have apparently marinated in pregnancy hormones long enough.

The meme I was tagged for requires eight random facts about me, so here we go...

  1. Things that happened the year I was born: the moon walk, Woodstock, and the premiere of Sesame Street. Obviously a good year.
  2. While the only language I have ever been fluent in is English (well, most days), I also know some French (two years in high school), German (four semesters as an undergrad), American Sign Language (one semester in summer school during college, plus a teensy bit of review in a Signing with Baby class when Bug was tiny), a tiny bit of Spanish from Sesame Street and Dora, and Chinese (four semesters in grad school). I really enjoy learning languages, but wish I was better at it!
  3. I love music and play piano (not nearly often enough) and played clarinet and saxophone in high school.
  4. I hate hot weather. Although I start to get cabin fever if winter stays too long, I would take 6' snow drifts over 90°F and humid without even having to think about it. Heck, I would even take it over 80°F and humid, though I might try to negotiate down to 5' snowdrifts. Of course, my first choice would be 60's during the day and 50's overnight and lots of green and flowers.
  5. I love to read, especially mysteries. My favorite authors (that I have read most, if not all of their novels) include Robert B. Parker, Sue Grafton, Patricia Cornwell, Kathy Reichs. There are certainly others, but I can't think of them while a four-year-old is putting his feet in my face and asking me to smell them.
  6. My tastes in TV tend to run along the same lines as my taste in fiction. Before we got rid of cable last fall, I enjoyed watching CSI (the original and sometimes NY, but NOT Miami), NCIS, Without a Trace, Cold Case, and House, M.D.
  7. I find it difficult to think of things to put in a list when a four-year-old is trying to get me to smell his feet.
  8. I have a tendency to march to my own drummer and do things the way I want, regardless of how I'm "supposed" to do them. This will become clearer in a moment.
Now I'm supposed to tag eight people, but I am going to fudge a bit and do it in three categories (see #8 above).
  • People I am tagging: my baby brother and his wife (they share a blog, but I think they each need to post a list) and Nothing But Hnat (please include a gratuitous Ni pic, please!!)
  • People I would tag if they had a blog: Namma and my (formerly Iowan) friend Cherie.
  • People I am conditionally tagging (consider yourself tagged unless you have done this meme or a similar one...I can't remember what I ate for breakfast, much less what I have read where): Ms. K and Marianne
  • People I was going to tag, but went to their blog and discovered that they tagged me first (crud, I really gotta get caught up with bloglines and dude, I'm only doing this once, so this one's for you, too, KnittyMama): KnittyMama...everyone else can go and read her list and pretend I was the one who tagged her ;o)
And here are the faithfully reproduced rules:

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged write a blog post about their own 8 random things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog you need to tag 8 people and post their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.


Namma said...

Now I'm really curious...what does "meme" stand for?

knottykitty said...

Great randomness! How do the feet smell? I love your Turkish spindle. When I see them I always think, "I want one of those if I ever start spinning...." but perish the thought of another hobby with which I can buy too much stuff!! :p

knottykitty said...

re: Red Delicious--I'm with you! I was picturing some project bag involving some really red yarn! Oh, well---they could have given me some cheap,scratchy yarn, so I guess a bag is better...:) BTW, the lady told me the bag cost so much they could never sell it, so they decided to give it as a prize!