25 April 2007

Stash endangerment!!!!

Oh no! My stash has been infested by little critters! No, not moths (touch wool!), but something cuter, yet equally insidious...the next generation of fibery types. While I am delighted to be corrupting rearing the next spinning and knitting generation, I hadn't fully thought through the ramifications. After we got home from our wild and woolly adventure yesterday, the kids saw me petting my new fiber and wanted a piece of the action. So I showed off each of the three and they got to pet it too.

Anyway, today, Miss Bean scaled the piano to grab the bag and brought it over and declare "Pate! Pate!" The bright side is that I used that to bribe her into getting her soggy diaper off (didn't have quite as much luck getting a new one on). Afterwards, she wanted to sit on the potty and pet the roving. So we took out each of the three bags, gave it a pet, and sat it on the floor. Then she picked up the big bag that it was all in and we had to put the bags in one at a time. The we repeated the process at least four times. By the time we finished she was willing to say "Camo" (camel...I didn't want to confuse things with the Tussah silk) and "Kappa" (alpaca). Here are a couple of pictures I got. The first one is Bean getting to "pate" the "kappa":

The second was after she decided to start hugging the bags. I got a couple of decent pictures of her hugging the various bags of fiber, but in this one, she is also kissing it! I wish it had sound so you could hear the cute little smacky sound!

Incidentally, this picture, while adorable, also had to be heavily cropped. Do you see the "Flag Blog" button up on the top edge for notifying Blogger about objectionable content? Yeah, we're trying to keep it PG or below!!

From the sibling rivalry files: This afternoon, Bug liberated a toy that Bean was in the process of playing with, and Bean thought the best way to express her displeasure was with her teeth. So now Bug has a dental impression in his right butt cheek. Probably makes him wish he still wore diapers!! Bug has been in a phase of instantly needing anything that Bean touches. We're working on it. Bean is definitely a biter and I'm sure it's genetic. Although I have certainly learned not to act on it, I will admit that a swift bite seems like a good way to deal with a lot of things.


Namma said...

Adorable photos of Miss Bean petting the soft fiber...would love to be able to hear the sound effects, too.

Yes, maybe biting is a bit genetic. I remember a sweet little girl biting the cheek of one the guests at her first birthday party...at least when it's a sibling, there's less chance of being sued!! ;o)

Knittymama said...

Oh man, I HATE the biting! Mine are both biters. At least Little Man is starting to learn how much it sucks:-)