24 April 2007

Springy fun

After our snowstorm a couple of weeks ago, the weather has finally decided to do spring in earnest. Last weekend was lovely and sunny and warm. On both Saturday and Sunday we ran a couple of errands and then went to the park and hung out while the kids ran around. After some thunderstorms on Sunday night, we decided to skip the park even though the gray skies cleared up about mid-morning. Close Park has a couple of spots where the bark chips are kind of thin and the kids know where to find the mud!

Today we had a little morning adventures. Of the 8 ounces of brown, white, and black fiber I got back in February, I have about a half an ounce left, so I had been thinking about getting some more roving. This morning, the kids woke up and decided that they were sheep, so I took this as a sign that we should go to Susan's Fiber Shop. I got to wander around and fondle pretty yarns and rovings and Bug and Bean made fast friends with Ruth who was working there. I ended up getting a couple ounces each of three kinds of fiber: Corriedale wool, alpaca, and a camel/tussah silk blend. Since I still feel like I'm learning, my short term spinning plans are to just try out different kinds of fiber in natural colors. I noticed with the brown, white, and black fiber that the three colors felt different to spin and I suspect that the dyes were at least part of the cause. I am excited to try all three, but, oh my, is the camel/silk roving soft. I just want to pet it and love it and call it George. As excited as I am to try my new stuff, I need to finish off the last half ounce of what I'm working on and get it plied up before I do. After finishing in the shop, the three of us visited with some of Susan's sheep, including some lambies. Very cute...I wish I had remembered my camera! We finished up with a high quality, nutritious McD's lunch (and some time to play in the play area). As we drove home, it started raining again and has been gray and rainy since, so we are curled up with a video and hanging out.

Hopefully now that everyone is reasonably healthy and the weather is nicer more consistently, we will be off on more adventures and I will be more regular with my blogging again!


Namma said...

Awwwww...lambies. Babies in almost any form are soooo cute. So glad your weather is providing you with opportunities to get out and enjoy nature and the outdoors. It lifts the winter-weary spirits in all of us.