16 April 2007

Crawling back to the land of the living

I know I am going to regret either posting this or even saying it aloud, but we seem to be getting over the most recent cold. I'm still snotty and achy (mostly from coughing and puking...talk about a multi-muscle workout!), but have more energy that I can remember in the recent past. The white stuff that landed last week (over a half of a foot of the stuff) is gone and we are back to sunny and springlike. I think it is in the 60s today and the kids and I celebrated by walking to the 'Bou for frou-frou coffee drinks to take to "Close Park".

Our seedlings are growing fast and I finally got around to snipping down to one per peat pod. I will have to take a picture in the next couple of days. The tomatoes really look like tomato leaves and the basil smells good if you ruffle the leaves. Very exciting to a lady with a hopelessly black thumb! Maybe Namma's green thumb skipped a generation and one of the kids should be credited for success so far! Actually, both Grandmas do a good job not killing green things, so hopefully the kids have a chance...

Knitting and spinning have been piddling along. With cold after cold, I haven't even had the energy to knit much, so it has been pretty quiet. I will also try to catch up the WIPs status soon.


knottykitty said...

Man, sounds like that cold was really evil! Are you sure you didn't develop pneumonia? (Sorry, just the nurse in me chiming in out of concern!) Glad to hear you are feeling better, though!

I've been kind of in a slump knitting lately too. I've got projects that need attention, but I seem to be having much more fun buying yarn than knitting with it of late...:)


Namma said...

I'm pretty sure you don't have a "hopelessly black thumb" (for your information, I used to describe myself with those very words). I think the distinction is that you're more involved at this time in your life with growing and nurturing of young humans...as opposed to plants. ;o)