04 April 2007

Department of Clarification

Thank you to those who reminded me that I'm not the crazy one here, but I think I need to clarify. I haven't really gone neurotic over the whole incident, I was intending to roll my eyes at several random moments of insecurity caused primarily by over-tiredness, not feeling good from cold #3, and random hormone wackiness. At sixteen weeks, occasional mood swings are not only expected, but probably required. I guess I either wasn't clear and/or the tone didn't come across in print. So, to summarize:

Us = normal, sane adults
Neighbor = total whack job
Me = Occasionally prone to want to
hide behind the shrubbery if I see the
whack job neighbor, but mostly okay

Bean is playing with some magnetic animal puzzles she got for Christmas. There are five animals (chicken, cow, cat, dog, horse) and each is in three pieces that go together with magnets. First, she put the animals together correctly, occasionally giggling wildly if the head was on upside down. Then she started interchanging body parts and I would try to make the correct animal sound (e.g., Mooo-eow, peep-moo (moop? meep? poo?), etc.) and she though this was just riotously funny. Of course, this led to Bug taking over the animals, since he thinks he should be at least as funny as Bean is. Of course, he doesn't quite get that four-year-old copying isn't nearly as cute as two-year-old experimenting. Now the animals are having conversations. That is a cute, funny thing for a four-year-old.

Oh, and it was snowing earlier today. Just flurries, but considering that it was almost 80°F less than ten days ago...


Namma said...

Yeah, well, spring is that crazy can't-make-up-its-mind season where it seems to be summer one minute and winter the next. It was 35 degrees on our thermometer yesterday morning (with frost on the cars) and 55 degrees this morning. I don't know what the afternoon temp finally was, but I spent the afternoon outdoors in a t-shirt pulling ivy—and felt very comfortable—except for the ivy-pulling, which made me sore all over. Oh, yes, and I'm in the early stages of getting the cold that Dad came down with a few days ago....grrrrr...so I'm feeling very sympathetic to your drawn-out cold scenario right now.

It's such fun to hear about the imaginative play of my two little g-kids.

Ms. Knitingale said...

I think I want a peep-moo....and I didn't think you sounded crazy at all, in spite of the neighbor's valiant attempts to drive you there!