03 April 2007

Random Tuesday

Although I am starting to beat cold number three, my head (and brain) are still fairly stuffed up, so anything coherent would be asking to much right now.

First, I mended the one pair of jeans that I can still wear. I have tried patches, but I never quite get around to sewing the edges down, so they curl and peel and don't last very long. This time, I tried left-over sock yarn to mend the rips. I am definitely disproportionately pleased with the result. I even dug around and found the socks that match so that I could wear them.

Incidentally, I fell in love with this sock yarn because it reminded me of faded demin. Did I call that one or what?? I am completely addicted to demin. On the rare occasion that I need to do the dress-up thing, I pretty much need to curl up with a pair of jeans and my thumb at the end of the day.

Last night, we grabbed a quick bite out at LMNO'Pies. Bug has started calling it "EmmaLemma Pies," which is cute enough, but he is usually having a hissy fit when he starts hollering that he wants (or doesn't want, depending on which way the wind blows) to eat at "EmmaLemma Pies." Anyway, last night after we ate, Bug stood up and announced, "I am an old-fashioned boy." We never did figure out what he meant.

Today, Bean took the cover/cushion off the high chair, slung the straps over her shoulders and declared it a "Kah-kah" (Backpack...we are all about Dora right now) and has been hauling it around the house having picnics and other adventures.

I think that Sunday's adventure has left me with post-traumatic stress giving me flashbacks to junior high school. I'm alternately freaked out that I might run into psychotic neighbor and paranoid that she is saying bad things about me to other people. Okay, not wanting to run into her I get as I am almost pathologically non-confrontational (as much as I fantasize about giving people a peace of my mind). On the other hand, the rational, grown-up part of me wants to slap me silly for the whole paranoid thing. First of all, I couldn't possibly care less if someone believes rumors about me anymore and, second, consider the credibility of the source. I'm not even convinced people would believe her if she were spreading rumors. I think I need a nap.


Namma said...

Just remember, she (the neighbor, or soon-to-ex-neighbor) is the one at fault here, not you. She didn't live up to her end of the bargain, i.e., picking her child up at 5:30 —OR— having even the courtesy to calling you when it went beyond the agreed-upon time. I just wonder what time she rolled back in and how she knew where to pick up her boy when she finally did return...?

I understand the non-confrontational thing all too well, but if you do see her, you might ask her, "What happened to you on Sunday night?" The resulting "story" might be the beginning of a mini-series.

Stephany said...

That is totally understandable but at the same time, you do need to own the fact that you were the one in the right in the situation. I mean jeez she could have picked up a phone.