26 May 2009

Movin' on Up!

We have been working on making loft beds for Bug and Bean. Grandpa got a whole whack done on the job when they were visiting and we are finally starting to chip away at the rest of the project. Over the three day weekend, we drilled holes for the carriage bolts and assembled the pieces that Grandpa had put together. Since then, we have cut and drilled pilot holes for about 3/4 of the bed slats. We would have made it through all the slats, but Daddy is on call and had to run to the office, so our assembly line came to a screeching halt.

The kids immediately started putting up blankets and accessories to make their own little houses. Bean made a sofa for hers with two pillows and Bug mostly decorated with stuffed animals and Star Wars figures. Their top sheets were the perfect size for the long edge.

This morning, Bug ran "electrical" wires between the two houses. I'm not sure I want to see our next utility bill!

Beeb has been making himself at home in both houses. But his big highlight is the discovery of Chocolate Cool-Whip. MollyBees was over on Monday to visit and brought strawberries and Cool-Whip dip (I'm pretty sure it's chocolate cool whip packaged in a smaller container and labelled "dip." There is clearly a marketing genius at work). It was such a hit that we picked up some more strawberries and chocolate Cool-Whip. Yesterday, Beeb was a mere amateur with the whip event. Tonight, he clearly had it mastered:

From the grin, I would guess that he likes it at least as much as root beer floats!


Namma said...

Bug and Bean are going to have so much fun with those loft beds...what little kid wouldn't love to have their very own house in their bedroom??!!

And Beeb with his chocolate Cool-Whip...not only is it delicious as a dip or perhaps all by itself, but it clearly has some other great uses, too, e.g., finger paint and face paint (a great match to his beautiful big brown eyes)

Stephany said...

The beds look great! I love how kids always make cozy little spots like that for themselves.

Elizabeth said...

Chocolate Cool Whip!?!?! Who knew?

Last week, Owen made us buy chocolate Redi-Whip (you know, in the spray can). Part of me says, "What's the world coming to?" The other part says, "It's about time!"