14 May 2009

We've got a little brawler who can't hold his beer...

We've had Namma and Grandpa visiting for a week in addition to me and three kids with colds for that same week. This morning we drove up and dumped them unceremoniously on the curb of the Madison airport and came home and hung on the sofa and watched videos and napped and dozed all afternoon. Except for the coughing and sniffling, I believe a good time was had by all.

Last night for dinner we had homemade sauerkraut with some brats and for dessert, Daddy got some vanilla ice cream from the store and we used the root beer we had made from the kit he got for his birthday for root beer floats*. Those were, by far, the best root beer floats I have ever had! Little dude had to agree, but it became clear that he just can't hold his beer. Because of his penchant for flinging, he got only a little dollop of ice cream with about a half inch of root beer in a plastic cup. It was guzzled immediately with a strongly worded demand for more, so he got a refill. However, with each refill he got gigglier and sillier, so we finally had to cut him off after four or five.

All this was enhanced by the remnants of a bloody nose he got from the losing end of a fight with a table at the bakery earlier in the day.

Of course, he paid for it this morning. He staggered out of bed and spent a couple of minutes moaning and groaning and carrying on consistent with tying one on. Of course after a couple of minutes of milk from the tap, he was right as rain and his usually cheery self...

A gardening update and highlights from the visit coming soon, I hope!

* Yes, there will be root beer at the post-apocalyptic commune! And even though the ice cream this time was from the store, I do have homemade ice cream in my repertoire.


Cindy G said...

Well, he's a cute little inebriate. I'd get pretty excited about me first taste of root beer float, too.

Namma said...

Yes, a good time was, indeed, had by all...we just wish those rhino viruses weren't so darn catching [cough, cough].

And yes, the littlest dude expressed all our sentiments about the homemade root beer...it made the ice cream unusually tasty!

Thanks for a great visit!