25 May 2009

Garden pictures!

Yay! In spite of my random approach to gardening (throw seeds and plants at dirt and see what sticks), it's starting to look like a garden. We have four little pumpkin hills (that need thinning):

Four lettuce pots (which also need thinning):

One tomato plant in a bucket (doesn't need thinning, Ms. Bean was mulching it with grass)

and the main garden plot with two rows of tomato plants on the right and a row of radishes just starting to emerge above the arrow (you might need to embiggen to see anything green in that row):

The radishes are sharing a row with beets. I read somewhere that it was a space saving idea as the beets mature more slowly and the radishes are there and gone before the beets need the space. And yes, the radishes will need thinning, but not yet...we'll let them get a little more...well, visible. Continuing to the left are the unsprouted masses: a row of carrots and four little square patches of herbs (sage, cilantro, oregano, and basil)


Namma said...

It's always so neat to see things growing that you put in the ground yourself, especially when you start them from tiny seeds. It seems like Mother Nature has a whole lot of little miracles going and growing...

Cindy G said...

Pumpkins are always so gratifyingly big leaved when they come up. The whole garden looks just great!

Knittymama said...

I have the same gardening techniques!