18 May 2009

It's becoming a garden!

We are getting into gear with our gardening. For a couple of days leading up to Mother's Day, there was a whole lot of whispering between the kids and Grandma and sneaking off downstairs accompanied by yells of "Don't come down here Mom," so there was clearly *something* going on. It turned out to be this:

Grandma helped with the letters, but Bug and Bean drew pictures and carefully selected a sticker for decorating the back side. So once we finish our planting, it will be easy-peasy to tell what will come up where!

With the main garden, it is very easy to tell where things are:

Either in little pots elsewhere or still in the seed packets! Grandma was a big help with getting the sod removed while they were here and we worked on the soil this weekend. We'll probably get the seeds in either today or tomorrow, so more pictures at some point!

There is growing going on, though! The tomatoes have been going great guns in the light box and I have been hardening them off, so they will be ready to go in the ground:

After a false start, they were started pretty late, but they are looking pretty good anyway. This year's mantra: "It's a learning experience!" At least they aren't as far behind as the herbs that I discovered (this weekend) that should have been started indoors 6-8 weeks ago. Once the tomatoes are in, I'm going to go ahead and give 'em a late start in the light box. The worse that can happen isn't any worse than not planting them at all. Repeat with me: "It's a learning experience."

I planted pumpkin seeds in the side rocks last week. I figure they can go all viney over the rock and not take up space in our tiny garden.

There are two "hills" each of sugar pumpkins and jack-o-lantern pumpkins. And finally, I put some early lettuce in pots on the deck:

The seedling have some actual lettuce leaves now. So we could either have a teensey, wee salad now or let it go longer and see if we can't get a real salad out of it!

Mmmmm...fresh veggies. Our CSA doesn't start for another month or so, but our Farmers' Market is going, so we are getting there!


Namma said...

Your tomato plants are looking great! When I visited a local nursery here in the NW this weekend, even tho the temps were in the 80s, the nursery still had signs indicating that it was too early to put out tomatoes without some form of protection. The tomatoes probably wouldn't die, but they would most likely just sit there and wait until the nighttime temps are more to their liking. Gardening (aka farming) has so many variables [sigh]. Even when we think we know the rules, Mother Nature sometimes pulls a fast one! I'm still hauling my light-box basil in and out of the box every day, too.

Cindy G said...

Those are the cutest garden markers ever.

And I agree about the tomatoes. I'm not trusting the weather yet - and you don't want them too rangy or too root bound, so smaller right now is probably better.

MollyBeees said...

Awwww! Sweet markers!

Stephany said...

I need to put the littles to work on some garden markers. That is a fun idea.