01 June 2009

Weekend report

First up, we made great progress on the lofts on Sunday. We got the rest of the slats drilled and the pilot holes drilled (but not installed). We also got safety rails cut, drilled and put up for three sides of each bed. Here is Bugs:

and here is Bean's:

After some agonizing and pondering, we changed the location of Bean's bed and built a side ladder. Where it started, it had to be away from the wall a bit to accommodate the (kind of bulky) heat register. This way, it is across the window, but the vertical pieces are the only thing that touches the wall on that side, so there is plenty of room for the blinds and now Bean has a window in the lower level of her "house." Basically, all that is left is to make and install the safety rails on the fourth side of each bed and put in all the slats so we can put the mattresses up. I wanted to see how things fit together and measure Bean's bed before cutting the last sets of rails, but I think the rest should go pretty quickly!

Saturday was Last Saturday Knitting. Although we missed the delightful Ms. Bee, we are glad to hear that she is recuperating and has the Butcher flu, not the Swine flu. You know, Butcher flu: the people fight back and chop up those nasty little piggies! *snicker* (Yeah, I amuse myself). Other than that, no matter what combination of folks that show up, it is always a great time and this month was no exception. Knitting continues apace, but I'm at a bit of a slog point on everything, so nothing to take pictures of!

But! But! We do have garden pictures. Things are growing. The weather has been perfect. We get rain sprinkles over night fairly regularly and sun during the day (or at least part of the day), so things are growing like crazy! We have container lettuce:

I picked two of the bigger leaves out of the pots to put on my grilled hamburger Saturday night. After seeing me do that, Beeb did some aggressive thinning of the lettuce (especially the pot in the shade) on Saturday when we were all out playing in the back yard after supper. My littlest helper! The carrots are just peeking through:

You might be able to see some green if you embiggen, or you can just take my word for it! The tomatoes are going gangbusters (in spite of occasional abuse by small people playing) and the radishes are starting to get some real leaves:

The radishes still need to be thinned. The problem is that if Beeb sees me thinning, he will help and we won't get any radishes at all! I also need to get more tomato cages soonish. It just won't do to have them wandering around and I don't think one cage will hold the whole pack! And the pumpkins continue to go crazy:

One is a sugar pumpkin and the other is jack'o'lantern, but I don't know which is which off hand. And finally, the container tomato in front. I think this one is growing the fast of all the tomatoes. It is a little bit more sheltered and has some fresh potting mix, so it probably has better nutrition, too!

I am looking forward to seeing some flowers and little fruits. At this rate, it may not be long!


Namma said...

I wish we had your weather, a little rain overnight and sunny to partly sunny during the day. We've been having NO RAIN for what seems like weeks (highly unusual for this time of year) and very hot temps (80s), so I've had to start watering pots and garden extra early this year. I just planted my veggie garden yesterday...wanted to get it done before June, which was cutting it pretty close since I did most of it in the evening when it cooled down. ;o)

The loft beds look great! I'm sure that Bug is getting eager to sleep up on top.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could teach Beeb to pull weeds instead of thinning produce? That would be a great help and you know what great helpers those little guys are...[chuckle]