08 August 2008

Some random oddness

Since I have too few unoccupied braincells for anything coherent, I thought I would offer a few random bits.

  • File under "Only Kitty Daddy": We picked up his holds when we were at the library. Who else could have only three books and have fun words like "whore" and "pestilence" in the titles? (Should lead to some fun search hits on the ol' blog, eh?)

  • File under "Well-Earned Cynicism": As fed up as I am with our current (but not for long) apartment, I was pleasantly surprised this week to see them repairing the huge gaping holes in the concrete around the storm sewer inlet in the parking lot in front of our building. It has only been that way for a year and a half. And, in the same week, the occupancy of our usually crammed parking lot (with very few actual tenant permits) was down and we could actually park in the same time zone as our apartment. The amazement actually lasted a day and a half until we got our weekly local 'burb newspaper with a huge write up about the poor management and indifferent ownership of the property. Coincidence? Yeah, sure, and I have a bridge that I would love to sell to you for a really great price.

  • File under "Snappy Comebacks Always Occur to You Too Late": At Farmers' Market, I was waiting for Bean to finish her big transaction and lost my balance, took a step backwards to catch myself and the market bag over my shoulder nudged the lady standing about six inches behind me. I expressed surprise and dismay and apologized immediately. Her response: A fairly impressive "harumph" and a look severe enough to use on someone torturing kittens. I stammered and tried apologizing again and just got her in a bigger snit. Driving home, I realized what I should have said: "Ma'am, I don't know who took a whiz in your Wheaties this morning, but we'd all appreciate it if you didn't feel the need to share the joy."

  • File under "Actual Knitting Content": I am binding off my Laminaria and expect that I will be binding off for the next several months. Seriously. I have bound off about a quarter and I swear that that much has taken longer than knitting the last row.


Marianne said...

You crack me up... so sometime in January you'll get Laminaria off the needles? aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.
Mercy. The lady at the farmer's market... Sounds like she's been at the beach or something, got a bit sandy,eh?
hmmmm, 'pestilence' and 'whore', that's quite the combination :^)

Namma said...

Glad to hear that some conditions at your apartment building are getting better (presumably under coercion of some kind); however, your move is still a good thing...and keep reminding yourself of that fact as you go through all the stress of the actual move!

Snappy combacks?...Yeah, I always think of them way too late, too. However, a sincere apology should always suffice, at least in cases where some type of bodily injury isn't an outcome. If it doesn't, then it's most likely the other person's problem, not yours.

Now I'm curious...what was Miss Bean's big transaction?

MollyBeees said...

rrtPeed in your wheaties! :Snort:

dale-harriet said...

Sounds like Kitty Daddy reads the kinds of things Mr Dearling does -- and I am not proud of this, but I was Openly Rude two weeks ago at Target: a lady ran into *me* with her cart (no harm done, but it really frosted my cookies). When I turned to look at her she said "Watch where you're going." ?!?!?!?! So I leaned toward her and whispered "Mineral oil will help with that" and then scampered over behind another display because I cracked MYSELF up. Oh I love Advancing Age!

Cindy G said...

First you make me laugh, then dale-harriet makes me laugh. A great two for one.

Now I want to know the full titles of those books...