06 August 2008

Makin' Babies

In spite of recent evidence to the contrary, this activity wasn't nearly as "educational" as you might think! Over the summer, our library has a teen "librarian" who does activities with the kids that come into the library. Bug and Bean love doing things with her as she has different and interesting supplies that we don't always have at home. Last Friday, they made "babies" with wooden bead and yarn. The kids were completely taken, so the teen librarian told us we could make more and asked (using the voice teenagers who are working with small children), "Do you have any yarn at home?" Once my riotous laughter died down, she said that we just needed to get some wooden beads, so we used this weeks Jo-Ann coupon to buy a bag of wooden beads and Bug and Bean each made a baby this morning:

Also, before I forget, gotta report my spindle spinning for July:

Spin My Spindle
July 2008
Activity: SpinningPlying
Fiber: ViscoseViscose
Spindle: TurkishAshfordSchacht
Amount: 4 grams
30 grams
78 yards
24 grams30 grams
9 grams

I haven't been spinning for the last week and a half or so. Ever since I hit the edging charts on the Laminaria, I have been completely taken over by it. I have two rows left and then just binding off and blocking!!! So between Laminaria and trying to get the apartment ready to move, spinning has been suffering. I HAVE to keep at least a little knitting and/or spinning in the agenda to keep myself sane, but I'm afraid progress may be hit and miss for a while!


Cindy G said...

Waaa Haaa Haaa Haaa. "Do you have any yarn at home?"

Seriously, I think bringing your spinning into the library would be a really cool demonstration for the kids. They all seem to be fascinated by the process. Speaking from experience, librarians just love volunteers......

Alison said...

You threw me. I couldn't figure out why a teen librarian would be working with kids, when a teen librarian is someone who got his/her library degree and then specialises in working with teens. But then I got it when you said "using the voice teenagers who are working with small children use". Now it makes sense! Is she there all the time? I think that would be a great summer job for a student! (PS I'm a librarian, can you tell? Librarians feel the need to make sure people know that only the person with the library masters degree is a librarian!)

MollyBeees said...

Cute babies! And their babies are cute too!

Namma said...

I love the babies...and the babies holding the babies. They did a great job...I like the details.

Do you remember making yarn babies when you were little? I had a whole family of them when I was little...and played with them a lot, only mine didn't have beads for heads...they were all yarn.

Marianne said...

LOVE the babies! (where's Beeb's baby? :^)
Good going on the spinning, I'm impressed you're spinning and knitting right now but yes, I do understand it is Very Necessary for the Sanity.
I wish you the best on packing up and moving... whew!

Stephany said...

They are really cute little dolls. I am sort of impressed by the thought that a teen librarian knew much about doing anything with yarn.

I just thought I would stop in and say "hi" I am trying to catch up on my blogs.