24 June 2008

Summer weekends

Oh man, they go fast, don't they? Actually the weekdays go pretty fast, too, this time of year! Friday was knit night and I made a fair bit of progress on Laminaria. I am still completely taken by the pattern (well, except for the occasional row that makes me swear creatively, but it looks so pretty knit up that I immediately forgive it) and the Malabrigo laceweight! I had a gift card from Mother's Day and our anniversary from Kitty Daddy and the kids that I hadn't spent yet. Previous trips, I either left it laying at home or was hopelessly indecisive. Friday night, I finally had both the card and decisiveness! Since I have been spinning like crazy lately, I got some handpainted roving and a new spindle. The roving is from Mountain Colors in "Meadow":

It's even prettier in real life! I also got a Schacht Hi-Lo spindle, a medium weight (2.2 oz). As my yarn gets finer, I have been having more problems with breakage with my Ashford, so I thought I would try a little lighter and see if that helps.

On Saturday, we went to the annual Boy Scout pancake breakfast at Eugster's Farm. Yummy pancakes, eggs with ham, and ice cream sundaes, plus we wandered around after and visited with baby animals and played. Yeah, I forgot my camera.

Sunday was a relatively quiet day, since rain and thunderstorms were in the forecast. The rain delivered, but with the warm weather we have been having, the kids didn't mind at all. They ran around the back yard in the rain. Good times!


Namma said...

Whoa...playing in the rain is way better than running through the sprinkler when it's warm. You can tell by their expressions that Bean and Bug are having a great time!

The "Meadow" colors of the roving are beautiful.

Hege said...

It is great to be outside in the rain when it is warm. We are having rain, but is is cold rain...
Looks loke they are having a great time :)

Marianne said...

Mercy look how big those two are getting!! and yes, playing in the rain is a wonderful thing to do, I've wondered how many get to nowadays. I still do ;^)

Trisha said...

Your children are so darn CUTE - and you are so very creative!

(I blogged over from "The New Salemites" - :) )

Take Care!