12 June 2008

Going to the zoo

Mama has been painting, sanding, and priming like crazy. The bench that we brought home from KittyDaddy's mom's basement last winter is done and I will hopefully have pictures up soon! The dresser we brought back this weekend is sanded and primed, waiting for paint. We managed to sneak away yesterday to kidnap our friend Library Karen and head to the zoo for a while. Some of the more photogenic zoo denizens:

The giraffes

The rhinoceros

The red panda (not a great picture, but the best view we have gotten of him yet!)

The turtle

The rare and unusual Beebicus Cutus

Today, we are looking forward to our first trip to the farm to pick up our first CSA box! According to our newsletter, we can look forward to lettuce, swiss chard, spinach, turnips, radishes, green onions, and more!


Namma said...

My favorites are Turtle and Beebicus Cutus!

Enjoy your CSA bounty...your meals will definitely be healthful and interesting, not to mention farm-fresh.

dale-harriet said...

Awwww! I'll say it - you have some Uncommon Cute Kiddies! I haven't been to the zoo since winter, it's time to go greet my bearbuddies. I admire your industry in the sanding and priming and painting dept, might I add! (Remember, Saturday is Knit-in-Public day!)

Marianne said...

Oh, I'm with Namma on the favourites!
well... and that giraffe :^)

Nums on the box of veggies!

MollyBeees said...

Love the turle and Beebicus Cutus. Thanks for the red panda pic. I haven't gotted there to see him yet! Knit in Public Day and Spinning Social at the Ear tomorrow. You going?