18 July 2010

Hair cuts

Everyone got a trim this afternoon.  Usually it’s just the boys, but Miss Bean decided she wanted to go a little shorter.  I only whimpered a little trimming her long curls, but she looks gaw-jus, so I’ll get over it.

100_2474 100_2473 100_2475

Guess which one wasn’t cooperating.  But with his hands there, you can’t see how crooked his hair is…little wigglepuss wouldn’t sit still


MollyBeees said...

You all look great, but Bean, you look so grown up with your new do!!!!!

Namma said...

Yaaaah!...some photos of all the g-kids. They all look wonderful! (even if I can only see a small part of the Mr. Wigglepuss.

Stephany said...

I give you a lot of credit for having the patience to cut their hair. I can't do it.