25 July 2010

From the files of “Might Need a Better Hobby”

Beeb has been checking out some new past-times lately.  I can’t say I have been a fan so far.

Exhibit 1:  Flying


He gets up on the chair with a feather in each hand, flaps his arms furiously, hollers “I fwappin, I fwappin,” then jumps off the chair while hollering “I fie-ing.”  It often ends with “ouch.”  Mostly I’m just happy he’s jumping off the recliner and not the roof of the house.

Exhibit 2:  Scissors


Cutting with scissors is another favorite hobby.  While I am certainly proud of his motor skills and attention span, I think I have picked enough miniscule pieces of paper off the floor.


Namma said...

1: I ask you, how can you help but love such a cute little birdie with one red wing and one white wing?

2: It certainly appears that he is getting a tremendous amount of cutting practice...and also getting his [your] money's worth from every sheet of paper. ;o)

(Tee hee...the word verification is "cutalr.)

kmkat said...

Just be sure he doesn't try to combine the two -- fweining and scissors do not a good combination make. Oh, has he discovered yet how much fun it is to cut his own hair? No? You have that to look forward to...