08 July 2010

Garden Report

The alternating hot weather and plentiful rains have gotten most everything growing like crazy.


“Knee-high by the fourth of July” is for under-achievers.  The beans are blooming, the punkins are blooming (with one teensey little green punkin already).  The tomatoes are starting to get a couple of blossoms.  Japanese beetles have become the bane of my existence.  I am keeping a jar of soapy water to knock them into and leaving it in the garden as a warning to other beetles (which hasn’t really made a difference, but it makes me feel better).


I think the bugs have all but killed off the watermelons, but the edamame is flourishing.

100_2467Miss Bean’s geranium is still hanging in there.  The other geranium appears to have bit the dust.  The wildflower mix appears to be long on the wild and short on the flower so far.


The flower in the corner has two buds getting close, so I think Miss Bean will forgive me for breaking off the first flower.  The herbs are growing, though the bugs have been in my basil and marjoram.  Also, the chives appear to remain annoyed at the insult of being replanted.


Namma said...

With all the warm (hot) weather you've been having during spring, I thought you'd probably be harvesting by now. If it isn't insects eating away the fruits of our labor, then it's slugs (here)...thankfully, you don't have many (any?) of the latter. They can chomp their way through a crop very efficiently.

Have you considered putting your herbs in pots on your deck?...they're handy for cooking use, and I like to think that the pests have a little more trouble getting to them.