17 May 2010


On the way home from the WPA homeschooling conference a week ago, we stopped at the Horicon Marsh, which is a huge wetland area.  Part of the marsh is managed as a National Wildlife Refuge and another part as a State Wildlife Refuge.  In the National Wildlife Refuge, there is the “Horicon Tern-pike” which, in addition to being a terrible pun, is a motor loop through the Refuge, complete with interpretive signs to stop and read.  Also, partway through is a parking area with a floating boardwalk that makes a nice short hike though part of the marsh and then back through woodland.  A fun side trip for Mother’s Day!


Lot of lovely scenery and a beautiful day for seeing it!


Trillium in bloom in the woods


Muskrat house seen from the floating boardwalk.


One of many turtles seen from the floating boardwalk.  A bit of “Where’s Waldo?” was involved to spot ‘em.


Goslings!  Babies!  Fuzzy and cute!


A couple of beautiful birds.  We saw zillions of different kinds of birds, but these were the only ones besides the geese that I could captures with my little camera.  The pros had their big gonzo fancy pants lenses.


Namma said...

The Natl Wildlife Refuge looks like an interesting place with lots of wildlife, including the fuzzy babies. Now, don't be talking down big gonzo fancy pants lenses people. He may not be a pro, but he's your dad!